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Adding people to your Connections on TNM Social

Now start connecting with other TNM supporters.  Having a community will inspire you and help the overall mission in growing the organization.

How do my monetary contributions help the TNM?

The Texas Nationalist Movement is a major political and social movement that requires financial resources to maintain its operations and advance its mission. Contributions from memberships and donations play a crucial role in supporting TNM’s various initiatives, which include advocacy for legislation, conducting research, and engaging in efforts to promote the cause of Texas independence….

How To Cancel a Recurring Donation

To cancel your donation, you need to log in to your account and follow these steps: That’s it! Your donation will be canceled.

Engaging with Elected Officials as a TNM Activist

The advocacy efforts of the Texas Nationalist Movement (TNM) span multiple avenues, with one of the most significant being direct engagement with elected officials. A proactive approach in discussing the mission and vision of the TNM with representatives and policymakers ensures the cause remains at the forefront of legislative discussions. Elected officials play an instrumental…

Tips For Safe And Respectful Activism

Being an advocate for the Texas Nationalist Movement (TNM) and championing the cause of Texas independence is a responsibility we take to heart. As we work towards our goals, it’s vital to ensure our actions reflect safety and respect.  When participating in public events, including those hosted by TNM, safety is always a top priority….

Engaging with Elected Officials as a TNM Activist

Advocacy for the Texas Nationalist Movement (TNM) isn’t limited to public platforms or social media. Direct engagement with elected officials is a critical step in promoting the cause of Texas independence. Elected officials have indicated a preference for how they like to be engaged. The order, based on effectiveness, is in-person meetings, handwritten letters, phone…

Writing Letters and Op-Eds to Promote TNM’s Mission

The written word holds undeniable power, especially when used to advocate for causes we deeply believe in. For supporters of the Texas Nationalist Movement (TNM), one impactful way to further our mission is by writing letters and op-eds to newspapers, magazines, and online publications. In the age of social media, traditional forms of communication like…

Utilizing Social Media for TNM Advocacy

Advocating for the Texas Nationalist Movement (TNM) has never been easier, especially with the conveniences of modern technology. One of the primary tools at our disposal is social media, a platform where ideas can spread like wildfire.  TNM recognizes the power of these platforms and has integrated features to make sharing content seamless. When browsing…

Effective Communication Strategies for Personal Activism

Advocacy for Texas’s independence requires more than just passion. Effective communication is key. To make a difference, it’s essential to articulate our beliefs about independence in ways that resonate with people . It is important to understand your core message. What makes Texas’s independence crucial for you? Being clear on this will reinforce your discussions,…

How to Advocate for TNM’s Mission in Your Community

Advocacy is all about sharing what you believe in. When you care deeply about something, like the Texas Nationalist Movement (TNM), you naturally want to talk about it, especially with those around you. Let’s look at how you can spread the word about the TNM in your own community. First, know what you’re talking about….