TEXIT Petition

Can I remove my signature from the petition?

Yes. However, since this is a legal petition under the Texas Election Code, you must follow the law to remove your signature. The Texas Election Code prescribes the following method from removing your signature from a petition. Sec. 141.067. WITHDRAWAL OF SIGNATURE. (a) A signature may be withdrawn from a petition as provided by this…

If I’ve already signed up as a supporter, do I still have to sign the petition?

You still must sign the current petition. The petition is a legal document under the Texas Election Code with very specific requirements.

I signed the previous petition. Do I need to sign again?

This is a legal petition under the Texas Election Code with very specific requirements. One of those requirements is that the petition must operate in a 180-day window. Therefore, each petition campaign starts back at 0 signatures. If you previously signed a petition, we definitely need your signature. Click here to sign.

How many signatures do we need to get it on the ballot?

To place the question on the 2024 Republican Primary ballot we need 97,709 valid signatures. To place the question on the 2024 Democratic Primary ballot we need 53,780 valid signatures. Click here to move us one signature closer to the goal.

Can I sign both the Republican and Democratic petitions?

No. You cannot sign both. You must choose the petition for the party in whose primary you intend to vote in March 2024. Click here to choose which petition you’d like to sign.

I consider myself an independent voter. Can I still sign?

Yes. However, by signing the petition you are committing to vote in the primary of the party corresponding to the petition you sign IF you choose to vote. Click here to choose a petition to sign.

I don’t vote Republican or Democrat and don’t want to commit to either. What can I do to help?

We get it. You can still work with us in other ways to help us get and win a vote on TEXIT. You can start by registering your support for the TNM by clicking here. If you’ve already done that, consider volunteering, connecting with your nearest Local Group, or making a donation to our efforts.